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6 Essentials

Your Choices Matter

The choices you make in six essential areas determine whether you follow a lifestyle that results in permanent good health or one that can lead to distress, illness, depression....
an unbalanced system that leads to disease.

1. What you eat.

Your diet should consist of approximately 75% fruits and vegetables and 25% everything else. This keeps your body alkaline (its natural state) instead of acidic, and helps prevent injury and disease.

2. What you drink.

Avoid stimulants such as coffee and alcohol. Drink mostly fruit juices and pure water

3. How you exercise.

Get 30 minutes of whole body exercise three times a week. Help your body stay flexible. You'll be surprised at how good it feels and how the tendency to suffer injuries is reduced.

4. How to rest.

Good sleep every night is essential to your body's ability to heal and recharge itself. avoid stimulants and heavy meals before you go to sleep.

5. What you breathe.

Clean, smoke-free air is also essential to permanent good health. If you can smell the air you breathe, it is probably not healthy.

6. What you think.

This, by far the most important of six! What you think about, you bring about. Think about what you think about, and cancel out your negative or judgmental thoughts with positive, loving ones. And, don't forget to forgive!

Every day of your conscious existence you make decisions. Conscious choices. Some decisions affect your future more than other. Every day you decide how you will respond to six vital areas of life. You decide what you eat and drink, what you think, what you breath, and how you exercise and rest. Each of the six decision areas is so important to your current health and well-being that i call the group the B.E.S.T. Essentials.

Choices in the B.E.S.T. Essentials are so common-place that most people don't even recognize them as conscious decisions. Eat and drink decisions are often based on ease, speed, and convenience. Exercise and rest choices are usually based on schedule loads. Choices you make in these six essential areas usually aren't dramatic; they're constant.

The fallout from your choices in the six essential areas affects how you feel and how healthy you are. When the decisions you make in all six areas keep your body functioning at its best, you are healthy and you feel good. If you consistently make essential decisions that keep your body in crisis, you are - or will be - sick.

Although diet is the most popular area of an I'm - going - to - improve - my - life campaign, thoughts and feelings are the most important areas. Your body responds to constantly and intensely to how you feel about everything that goes on in your life. And these responses can be behind major physical problems.

Survival in this instant is your body's only goal. Not survival later today, or next week, or next year. Survival now. You may not be happy with the by-products of your body's survival techniques. You may have aches and pains that range from annoying to excruciating. You may be in the throes of a serious disease. or you may be in the process of developing a disease that you haven't even noticed yet because you are still symptom free.

Those who are constantly anxious, afraid, up-tight, jealous, judgmental, or self-critical, keep their bodies ready for a fight. Being ready for a fight is fine if you're in physical danger. But being ready for a fight constantly - days, nights, and weekends - is really hard on the body. After a while, it gets exhausted. If exhaustion continues, organs and systems curtail production or shut down.

Usually the first organs or systems to go are those that aren't contributing to immediate survival. For example,you can manage with gallstones a lot better than you can manage with acidic blood. the good news is that you have control over most of the situations your body must survive. The choices you make in the B.E.S.T. Essentials set up the survival threats your body must respond to. And the biggest survival threat is stress. Mental, emotional and nutritional stresses exhaust both you and your internal organs and systems.

The decisions you make about everyday activities - what you eat, drink, think, and do - affect the climate of your cells' home and the way your body works. When you make and carry out decisions that allow a favorable internal climate, health is your reward. On the other hand, when you make and carry out decisions that produce an internal climate in which your body must constantly "fight for its life", pain and disease are your rewards. Therefore, you can decide to be healthy..... or not.

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