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Move your health to a higher level, no matter what your starting point. We not only provide treatment, our purpose is to educate our clients in the care of the human body, the mind, diet, and ensuring excellence in health wholeness.

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We take a holistic approach to your complete health not just focusing on your ailments but helping you reach your health goals


Our prenatal and pediatric care helps correct maintain and prepare your child for a healthy lifestyle.


Our doctors have recieved training on how to become leaders in the field of treating personal injury cases.

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Health Care and Peace of Mind.

Receive the best possible treatment from our caring staff. You are much more than an assortment of parts packed neatly within your visible skin. You developed as a complete unit and you continue to function as a complete unit. Anything and everything that affects one part of you affects the whole you. No matter what you do, all functions of your body are directly or indirectly involved.

Pain and disease in any part of the whole are effects of a “whole” problem. Pain and disease, themselves, aren’t the problem. Health and disease are both side-effects of the response your body has made to the conditions it must survive. And for the most part, the conditions it must survive are brought about decisions or choices you have made over time.

Personal Injury

Our practice also focuses on the ability to help treat you after your accident, our techniques will help you build strength and improve range of motion.

Health Care

Our practice focuses on the best techniques for both you and your child’s well being, with a focus on a drug free treatments.

Dr. Garett Tomsin

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Garett Tomsin has been freeing people from pain since 1973 in his clinic in Everett, Washington. As a Chiropractor with experience, he is committed to promoting the health and well being of his patients.

Dr. Tomsin uses a “whole person approach” when taking care of his patients. By combining the very best hands-on-technique, state of the art physiotherapy procedures, and providing the newest and best natural vitamins and mineral supplements on the market today, Dr. Tomsin is able to help you to accelerate and/or maintain your journey to good health.

Dr. Nateja Tomsin

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Nateja Tomsin grew up in the pacific northwest and attended Western Washington University where she studied Pre-Chiropractic and Human Biology. She received her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West. Following graduation she practiced in Redondo Beach, California for a few years before moving back to her home state to fulfill a lifelong dream of practicing alongside her father at Mind Body Healing Center.

My migraines kept improving & within six months I had my life back on track.

“My name is Kylin; I had suffered from occasional migraine headaches all my life. Then they became chronic. I turned to the medical community where they said my brain was misfiring and prescribed medication after medication attempting to reduce the frequency. I experienced side affects, which lead to more drugs, adding up to $750 a month. I was no longer able to work and facing bankruptcy not knowing where to turn. My Mom suggested I try Dr. Garett. I started intense treatments and within a few weeks felt improvement. I kept improving & within six months I had my life back on track, no longer on any medication. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. G for treatment of migraine headaches as well as total body health.”

Dr. Nateja helped position my tranverse breech baby properly for birth.

“I was referred to Dr. Nateja because I had a transverse breech baby at 34 weeks. I have had low back/ hip pain for many years, and during my pregnancy, I developed a sharp pain in my round ligament, on the right side. When I went to see Dr. Nateja, she was positive that she would be able to help out- and she did! After I left her office that first time, I felt the baby kicking at the top of my belly. It was amazing. At the next appointment with my OB, he confirmed that my baby was in the head down position.

I have been continuing to get adjusted by Dr. Nateja about 1-2 times a week, for the past 5 weeks. I feel less aches and pains at 39.5 weeks than I did at 34 weeks. Every time I go in, I leave feeling completely relaxed. Dr. Nateja consistently exudes a warm, positive vibe that is totally contagious!! She also uses the B.E.S.T. technique, which I have never heard of this before going into her office. But it seems to help a lot, too. Somehow, she is spot-on with her assessments using this technique and it adds to the release of my old aches and pains. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing treatment for new or old aches and pains!!”
-Jillian W.

I was having serious lower back pain from sitting and it was making it hard to work.

“Dr. Nateja has treated me since April 2015. I was having serious lower back pain from sitting and it was making it hard to work. She got me pain free in a few months. It would have been a few weeks if I had followed all of her advice on day one. I can’t thank her enough. Thanks Doc! You are the”
-John W

Within the first couple of weeks I was feeling immediately better

“My name is Kimberley I own a stone sealing company. And when I came to Dr. Garett, about nine months ago, I was having lots of headaches, neck pain and vertigo. Within the first couple of weeks I was feeling immediately better and now I am pretty much symptom free. Thanks Dr. Garett”

Every time we get adjusted and balanced together is like we click again.

“I needed help with my 4 week old newborn. During the first visit Dr. Nateja was great she heard all our concerns, checked him and adjusted him. I was so impressed because even though it was only our first visit I could tell my son was more relaxed. For the first time in a long while he was able to stay asleep and not wake up screaming bloody murder for more than 15 minutes. From that moment on I was sold. We have been seeing Dr. Nateja about once every week and a half and he is just getting so much better after each visit. He loves being there, he is so calm and happy. Every time we get adjusted and balanced together is like we click again. I have no words to explain what Dr. Nateja does, and/or how she does it I just know it works. Dr. Nateja has recommended life style changes and given tips to help my little one too and they have been great also. I would definitely recommend her and her office. She is great and I really do not know where I would be now without her help.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

Yes. However, your coverage will depend on the plan you have selected with your insurance provider.

What do treatments actually do?

We help in maintaining an interference free nervous system with optimal communication and connection is essential for health throughout a lifetime.

Is it safe to get adjusted during pregnancy?

Absolutely! In fact, the American Pregnancy Association supports and encourages expecting mothers to find a chiropractor who specializes in prenatal care. Research has shown that gentle adjustments can help create an easier pregnancy, delivery and recovery for both mom and baby. Our doctors use the Webster Technique – a specialized chiropractic technique developed for pregnant women to balance and align the pelvis allowing for optimum room for baby to develop and move through the birthing canal. Through the use of gentle adjustments to the spine and pelvis, the doctors help mom deal with the stress and strain that may accompany pregnancy, helping to balance and realign the body as it changes.

People say once you start care you will have to go forever?

Our care should only be utilized for as long as it is serving you to become a better, healthier, and more vibrant you. Typically, patients do choose to stay with us for general well-being care because they like the way they feel and function following a wellness care program.

I am sick, should I reschedule my appointment?

No, if you can get yourself to the office you should come in – this is a very important time to get adjusted. Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to boost your immune system and help you get well sooner.

How does chiropractic help with babies and kids?

While the birthing process is a natural, beautiful occurrence, it can be brutal on mom and baby! In a birth that involves medical interventions, the baby is even more at risk of imbalance and misalignment issues developing. Parents are encouraged to bring their newborns into the clinic as soon after birth as possible to gently assess the function of baby’s nervous system. A balanced body and nervous system helps create a healthy, happy child. Studies have shown that babies and children that receive gentle Chiropractic treatment tend to have less colds, allergies, difficulty breastfeeding, and ear infections.

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