BREATHING: Affects The Nervous System

One of the things I noticed with the majority of the clients that come in to see me is that they are not breathing properly.

So many times I noticed they’re doing a lot of upper chest breathing, meaning their chest is rising and falling with their inhales and exhales.

Sometimes the shoulders are coming up as well, and that is triggering a stress sympathetic response in our nervous system. What we want to be doing is relaxing the shoulders, relaxing the chest, and bringing the inhales all the way down to the bottom lobes of the lungs.

Our belly should come out like a Buddha belly with an inhale and then contracting the abs with the exhale.

And that’s going to help fully oxygenate our system. It’s also going to trigger a Parasympathetic Reflex there so that our system goes into a rest, digest, filtering, cleansing, healing mode of function. How we’re breathing is really going to have a big effect on how our nervous system is functioning as well.