Individual Therapy

Do you take insurance?

Yes. However, your coverage will depend on the plan you have selected with your insurance provider.

People say once you start care you will have to go forever?

Our care should only be utilized for as long as it is serving you to become a better, healthier, and more vibrant you. Typically, patients do choose to stay with us for general well-being care because they like the way they feel and function following a wellness care program. We understand that maintaining an interference free nervous system with optimal communication and connection is essential for health throughout a lifetime.

I am sick, should I reschedule my appointment?

No, if you can get yourself to the office you should come in – this is a very important time to get adjusted. Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to boost your immune system and help you get well sooner.

Couples & Group Therapy

Is it safe to get adjusted during pregnancy?

Absolutely! In fact, the American Pregnancy Association supports and encourages expecting mothers to find a chiropractor who specializes in prenatal care. Research has shown that gentle adjustments can help create an easier pregnancy, delivery and recovery for both mom and baby. Our doctors use the Webster Technique – a specialized chiropractic technique developed for pregnant women to balance and align the pelvis allowing for optimum room for baby to develop and move through the birthing canal. Through the use of gentle adjustments to the spine and pelvis, the doctors help mom deal with the stress and strain that may accompany pregnancy, helping to balance and realign the body as it changes.

How does chiropractic help with babies and kids?

While the birthing process is a natural, beautiful occurrence, it can be brutal on mom and baby! In a birth that involves medical interventions, the baby is even more at risk of imbalance and misalignment issues developing. Parents are encouraged to bring their newborns into the clinic as soon after birth as possible to gently assess the function of baby’s nervous system. A balanced body and nervous system helps create a healthy, happy child. Studies have shown that babies and children that receive gentle Chiropractic treatment tend to have less colds, allergies, difficulty breastfeeding, and ear infections.