With Gina Wassemiller, LMT

Massage therapy works beautifully in conjunction with chiropractic care for improving health and recovery from injuries. 

Our in-house massage therapist, Gina, brings a strong therapeutic skill to her practice. She is an excellent deep tissue body worker that specializes in a deep, relaxing massage technique that is focused on effective pain reduction. You will find Gina to be compassionate, professional and very knowledgeable. She will adhere to listening to what you want in a massage, and working with the body, rather than against it, for maximum effectiveness. Giving you maximum results is the goal in each session. Gina is a graduate from Ashmead College.

“When I first came in I was in a lot of pain, almost off the charts. At first, I was hesitant about this type of treatment. It was very different than anything I’ve done before. I gave it a chance and it worked great! I am no longer in pain and I feel amazing!! I would definitely recommend it to my family and friends.”

Brett B.