Pregnancy Conundrum

Are you pregnant and looking for relief?

My name is Doctor Nateja Tomsin, and I am going to share with you today the top three things that I always hear from my mamas who are receiving Prenatal Chiropractic Care in our office.

The first thing is, I wish I would have found out about chiropractic earlier in my pregnancy. A lot of times mom will come in, third trimester and has already developed a lot of aches, pains, some other issues, and they say I could have been feeling this good, my entire pregnancy.

The second thing I often hear from others is, I wish I would have had this during my first pregnancy. These are moms that are either on their second, third and fourth pregnancy and they’re receiving care. I’ll often hear them say, I feel like my body didn’t fully recover from my last pregnancy or my body doesn’t feel like it’s healing, like it needs to be. So they know they need that extra support.

And the third thing I hear is, why didn’t anyone tell me that Chiropractic could help with these aches, these pains. A lot of times moms are looking for drug-free, healthy solutions to their discomfort and pain during pregnancy, and they just aren’t able to find those lasting solutions.

So I am here offering you the solution of Chiropractic Care during your pregnancy. If you would like to learn more information about us and our office, go ahead and click the link below.