Pregnant Ladies Don’t Have To Be In Constant Pain!

My pregnant ladies, this one is for you.

You do not have to be in constant pain. Have those low energy levels. Be struggling, rolling, getting out of bed.  You do not need to be nauseous the entire duration of your pregnancy.

I am telling you, you can be comfortable, happy, and healthy. Many of my mama’s that come to see me for Prenatal Chiropractic Care and some common benefits that we see are decreased in that low back pain and sciatic pain.

A lot of moms who are pregnant suffer with also that mid back and neck tension that can develop as well. We see a decrease in pain in that Pubic Symphysis pain or fire crotch that some people experience during pregnancy.

Our mamas, see a decrease in stress and anxiety during pregnancy, nausea and fatigue. And we also see an increase of quality sleep. We all know quality sleep is golden during pregnancy.

So if you are suffering from any of these issues or want to just support your pregnancy so that you can have a happy healthy pregnancy, we would be happy to get you set up with an appointment.

Or if you would like more information and you’re not quite sure if this is the right fit, we do offer a 15-minute phone consult where we can see what you’re dealing with and to see if this is the right office for you.

My name is Doctor Nateja Tomsin at MIND BODY HEALING CENTER, and we are here to support you during your pregnancy.